July 30, 2006

Wham bam!

Pamela Anderson on how she will soothe her nerves before her upcoming marriage to Kid Rock: "I have two words for you: champagne."

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July 28, 2006

Today's Coolchickies List Wedding Tip

From Ms. Eve Levine:

I don't know what you're doing about food, but designate someone to make sure you eat sometime the day of the event. Also get that person to arrange for some food to be brought to wherever you are going for the night. It seems impossible that you could forget or not have time to eat, but it happens!

And amended by Ms. Paige Casey:

And put someone in charge of ensuring hydration with something besides alkiehol. No one likes a drunko bride.

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July 27, 2006

It's my party and I'll...

Douglas reports to me that he was chatting with a colleague yesterday, who just couldn't seem to comprehend the brand of nuptials we're planning.

"So how many people are in the wedding party?"

"Two. Kat and me."

"But who is going to be your best man?"

"Uh - no one. Just us."

"But who's Kat's maid of honor?"

"Well - she's having Mordred (our Irish Wolfhound) walk her down the aisle."

"Wait, what?!?! And your families are okay with this?!?"

Well, they've kinda gotta be. Heck - they're a big part of why we both ended up this way, so ideally, they'll deal. (Not to mention that we're paying for the whole shebang ourselves.) Douglas went on to explain that part of having a wee, 50-ish person wedding is that all of the guests then become the wedding party, but he was still met with head shakes and brow furrows.

Ah well - we get a lot of that. If nothing else, we will, of course, be serving up free cake (probably red velvet with black cream cheese icing), and very little bridges emotional and cultural divides quite so well as cake does. Especially when it's free.

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Today's Coolchickies List Wedding Tip

From Ms. Paige Casey:

1. Register for 4 more than you need if you think this pattern is keeper
(or is made of anything like stoneware or pottery) to allow for breakage
without inconvenience. For an entertaining such as yourself, I'm thinking
service for 12.

2. While other people are paying, pick out some fun ancillary setting pieces
- the rimmed soup bowls, the deep cereal bowls, salad plates AND b&b plates.

3. Think of multiuses - could the big cereal bowl be a serving bowl? Could
the pickle dish be a salad plate (my personal favorite improvisation)?

4. Go for the KitchenAid. I didn't, and I regret it.

5. Get good pots n' pans & knives. (I love, love, love my All Clad
stainless. My cuisine freak friend returned her Calphalon high end stuff
for it after 4 years of aggravation & dissatisfaction with it)

6. Get lots of serving bowls and round platters. One or two oval.

7. Get 18/10 stainless vs. 18/8, and get knives that are of 2pc construction (a blade in a shaft -- hee, shaft) vs. one pc from a mold - that makes them more durable and sturdy for cuttin'.

8. I'm a big fan of a "charger plate" (or round platter) under a dinner
plate as a placemat or as part of a table setting.

9. Good glass is just as nice as crystal.

10. Silver's for inheriting.

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July 26, 2006

Mum's the word.

Oy. It would seem that my mother has had another TIA (Transient Ischemic Attack) - basically a mini-stroke that happens when blood flow to the brain is temporarily blocked. No permanent damage to the brain, but these attacks (which her doctors only recently diagnosed) tend to leave her already changeable disposition in a depressive, anxious state, so it's been rough on that home front.

I know that she'd love to be involved in some of the wedding tasks, but I'm hesitant to add to her burden. While on one hand, some little job might raise her spirits, and make her feel closer to the proceedings, I don't want to feel as if I'm imposing, or draining her of her already depleted resources. In addition to her emotional difficulties, she's also various physical disabilities including rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, sciatica, and a whole host of other chronic ailments. I couldn't stand the notion that anything I'd ask of her would result in further debilitation, but at the same time, she'd no doubt be hurt if she were left out. Where is the middle ground? Advice, anyone?

There is also a very real possibility that she won't be able to make it to the wedding. It's happened before - my parents phoning with regrets a day or two before an event, as my mother has had an anxiety-related collapse, and they feel it's best if they don't travel. I've found that it's best to just temper my expectations, and I try not to let her know that I'm upset because really - who would that help? But still - it's sad as hell when that happens, and while my first concern is going to be with her health and well-being, I kinda can't stop thinking about how suck-tastic it would be to have anyone feel sorry for me at our wedding. We shall just hope that does not come to pass.

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July 25, 2006

Ticked off.

It would seem that I'm the first grandchild to get married. I've actually managed something that's getting an A-OK paradigm-pleased nod from the extended family, and that, I assure you, is a massive shock to everyone involved.

All five of us exited the womb pre-disapproved of for having carelessly neglecting to acquire penises. That was strike the first part on my part, and I only added to my list of offenses throughout the years what with the penchant for black clothing and tattoos, the art school, the moving to New York City, the prenuptial cohabitation, and the generally being not so much with the mainstream embracing. But hey - I gots to be me.

No doubt I'll incur further disfavor once they discover that Douglas and I have absolutely no intention of sallying forth and multiplying (seriously - he's looking into a vasectomy), but I'll take the uptick in the approval matrix while I can get it.

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I've got you under my skin.

My hero, Miss Isabella Daou (age 9) suggests to me that perhaps this would be ideal for our cake topper:


Girl's got more than a bit of a point. I've half a mind to just let her plan the whole darned thing. No doubt she'd come up with something more akin to our aesthetics and spirit than any professional wedding planner likely would, *and* she accepts costume jewelry and paperback books as currency.

I wonder if she'd be willing to take a meeting.

[Update] I showed the figurines to a colleague who said had she seen those before she knew me, she'd have wondered who exactly would buy such a thing. Now, knowing me, and seeing them, I'd instantly spring to mind. That's a pretty clear indication that I oughta nab 'em, yeah?

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July 24, 2006

A ring of truth.

A scrap of clarification in response to a pal's comment that I was dissing the Tiffany 6-prong ring — not a bit. In many ways, it's the UR-ring and the ideal semiotic expression of that which is Wedding Ring. It's classic, gorgeous, and aesthetically perfect.

I just can't carry off perfect. Perfect looks weird on me. I am most at home with that which is charmingly wonky. Less pressure that way.

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"I could escape this feeling, with my china girl..."

Lots and lots of china is really, really ugly.

I used to think that registries were a bit presumptive. Now I see they're just preventative.



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July 23, 2006

Some nitty - not so gritty.

It should be noted that I am in deep, sticky love with each and every one of the charming people who are sharing their talents and resources with us to help realize this lovely day.

The invitations: Foxglove Press
My skirt: Mode Merr
My corset: Delicious Corsets
The engagement ring: Pnut Jewelry
The cake: Black Cat Cafe & Bakery
The hotels: The American Hotel, Edgefield

More to come, no doubt, but at the moment, I'm so pleased that we've been able to get this much accomplished in a week. Certainly helps if both parties share a fairly united sense of aesthetics. Um, not to mention actually owning a Gothic stone church where the event is taking place. Yeah - that part's pretty much letting the rest of it slide right into place. If we're using some friend and family weddings as a metric, I'd say having that particular part sussed, and free of charge is roughly equivalent to 1.7 fists full of Ativan/Valium.

Is there some nuptial patron saint to whom I ought to offer obeisance? Perhaps a chicken carcass?

All digits crossed that it continues in as swimming a fashion.

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July 21, 2006

Bubbling over.

Well, I was hoping so, but it's nice to have, you know, the Science.


Today's swoon at the generosity of others - in the past 16 hours or so, we've been hand-delivered and UPS-ed bottles of Champagne. On the day of the proposal, we came home to find flowers at the door.

Douglas and I try, as best we can, to make a home that is warm and welcoming, and hope that the combo of us creates a pleasing sphere of hospitality for our friends. Because, ya know, we like 'em and all. It's absolutely delighting me to know that they seem feel it, and are cheering us on.

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July 20, 2006

Cock. Tail.

Today's small subversion of the system:

"At this special time, we are thrilled to include our favorite charity in our celebration. WeddingChannel.com will make a donation to Lambda Legal whenever someone uses their site to purchase a gift from one of our registries..."
Because really - shouldn't my homosexual pals have the unparalleled thrill of registering for a $2,250 Tiffany cocktail shaker that no one in their cotton-pluckin' mind will buy? And shouldn't some of our more socially conservative guests have the opportunity to unwittingly fund their legal battle to do so?

Okay - so I make my own fun sometimes.

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Meat me at Tiffany.

Registry-related thrill of the day: registering for every single Cold Meat Fork design that Tiffany offers.


1. So I may have the phrase "cold meat fork" running through my mind on a semi-daily basis, "Oh darling, look - the McSmorplesons have gotten us the English King cold meat fork! How delightful!"

2. I am a girl with a lot of meat-forking needs. While no one could ever accuse me of not enjoyin' myself a hunk o' well-heated meat, I do so relish the occasional chilled mortadella slab.


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July 19, 2006

Color, Cut, Clarity, and...what was that last one again?

I've never been a diamond girl. Okay, I suppose I've at times had a somewhat detached academic fascination with the Tiffany 6-prong engagement ring, but seeing as I did my MFA in metalsmithing, it kinda went with the territory. I mean I've never given much practical thought to the application of actual diamonds to my actual left hand.

Not. Gonna. Happen.

I'd imagine that a certain amount of that springs from the nigh on curious absence of capital *W* Wedding from my adolescent fantasies. I suppose some part of me always hoped that I'd find some other odd little duck and get about to nesting, but the mechanics of it just kinda fugued on by me. If asked, I'd just wave it all off with a "Vegas or City Hall," or allow myself the notion that it would be somehow physically possible to just wake up married without having to endure the indignity of a chicken dance, seating chart, or being asked to show off "The Rock".

Yet here I am - approximately 84 hours into an engagement (to, I feel I should add, simply the most astonishing man I've ever had the great delight to encounter), and nary a Rock in sight. And there will not be. And I'm relieved.

The short story short - on the morning of July 16th, I was sharing the living room couch with Mordred, the Irish Wolfhound while waiting for Douglas to finish showering, so we could go to our usual Greek diner for breakfast. It did not surprise me that when he descended the stairs, he was holding a black box from a jeweler of whose work we are mutually fond. It was, after all, our 18-month anniversary, and we're both big sentimental dorks, and I'd given him a bracelet a few days before, as I'm utter crap at holding onto gifts once I've bought them. What *did* surprise...stun...thoroughly confuse me was that when he and Morgane the Whippet joined us on the couch, he told me that while he was not able to promise that he wouldn't always be overworked and overtired (a reference to a conversation earlier that week), he loved our life together, and our home and me, and he was asking me to marry him.

To be continued...

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July 18, 2006

Harmonica Virgins

There's got to be someone out there with a legitimate need for a $250 sterling silver Tiffany harmonica, but I can't seem to imagine who they are, or that I'd ever care to meet them. That is not, of course, stopping me from registering for one because hey - when else in my life will I legitimately, and socially-acceptably be able to announce to the world that I've gone bat-guano insane, and still have people hug me and want to share cake?
And I swear that if anyone should actually gift us with such, I'll make sure it finds its way into the infinitely more deserving pucker of someone with "Blind" or "Ol' Shuffly" in his name.

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July 17, 2006

As to Qs

Answers to several questions I've been posed in the last 24 hours.

1. No bridesmaids. Because I don't actively hate any of my closest friends.

2. I've been engaged for about 3 seconds, but already have the location, date, hotels, some of the food and music, most of the guest list, the printer, a calligrapher, the cake and most of my outfit sussed out. Forgive me if I cannot yet offer the precise hour of the event.

3. No kids. Ever.

4. Seriously - you may have my uterus if you'd like. I promise I will not be using it.

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