August 22, 2006


Well, we *were* planning on keeping this a secret until the big day, but it appears that the bunny's out of the bag. Yes, we are indeed getting married specifically to inconvenience YOU, and moreover, we're hosting the wedding in a location deeply special and significant to us for the express purpose of taxing your wallet. Clever you for figuring it out.

As Douglas said last night, "Anyone with a 7-figure bank balance can just shut the fuck up."

Adair added "In general." Then she made up a fun little quiz:

If you have a complaint or snark about accommodations (we've offered a wide range of fairly reasonably-priced options), travel (we're providing a van to pick people up from the train station, airports, and hotels), wardrobe (and keep in mind, the only person asked to wear something out of the ordinary is our 9-year-old friend who will be decked in wings), bar (full & open with several theme cocktails) or menu items, you should probably address it to:

A. Yourself.
B. Another wedding guest.
C. A close friend or family member who is NOT the bride or groom.
D. The bride or groom.

Ideally, I oughtn't be having panic attacks and inability to breathe whilst going about my my daily routine, ought I? Mantra, anyone? A spare serving of Valium?

All we wanted to do was gather our beloved ones together for a jubilant weekend, feed them, booze them, unite them, entertain them, and make our extant joy that much more radiant. I know that there are those in the world who kvetch for exercise and entertainment, but might they possibly take a wee hiatus from it just for a few days, or at least around us?

Seemingly not.

Sigh. (Or at least I would if I could actually breathe.)

Posted by Kat at August 22, 2006 12:31 PM