August 23, 2006

Bar exam.

I have written another happy fun wedding quiz! Please enjoy taking it.

A couple is known for their love of throwing elaborate parties. Sheís a cocktail fetishist, and he knows a thing or ten about wine. You like to have yourself a cold brewski. As soon as the happy folks announce their engagement, you:

1. Thatís what flasks are for.
2. Figure hey Ė why not suck it up and give the full bar, three theme cocktails, carefully selected red and white wines, prosecco, or local Brooklyn and Ommegang beers a shot?
3. Immediately start begging the couple to have ďnormalĒ beer at the reception.

Again with the sighing. Itís not that Iím trying to be a control freak. Itís just that to me, this would be the same as going into a Bud Ďn box wine wedding and whining to the bride that I really want a Bombay Sapphire gimlet. Itís an implication that your hosts donít know how to take care of their guests, and thatís a serious nuptial buzz-killer.

Posted by Kat at August 23, 2006 11:00 AM