August 11, 2006

Gift horse orthodontia.

As I'd mentioned before, Douglas and I were considering the notion of making a donation to the ASPCA in lieu of tchotchke and assorted table favor weddingalia. Made contact with the appropriate party, who in turn sent out a sample of the tent card noting the donation.


Perhaps the ASPCA site describes it best:

One of the first cases brought to court by the new ASPCAź was that of a cart driver beating his fallen horse with a spoke from one of the cart wheels. This case eventually lead to the depiction in the seal showing an avenging angel rising up to protect a fallen horse adopted by the ASPCAź and designed by noted illustrator Frank Leslie.

Said seal is emblazoned upon the card in sharp relief, and while I oughtn't inspect the mouth of a deceased equine - I kinda can't help it here. Yes, there's some divine intervention on the wing, but I'm thinking splayed, imperiled animals ain't quite the nuptial vibe we're going for.

Oh, we'll still make the donation. Just might take care of the card design ourselves. Maybe with a pic of our various fuzzy bunnies, or something similarly gore-free. Yup, I'm high maintenence like dat.

Posted by Kat at August 11, 2006 12:44 AM