August 06, 2006

Glove is all you need.

I feel like a bit of a dope for it not having ever occurred to me that gloves have a sizing system other than S/M/L, but then again, if you're not shelling $265 for some 16-button (and I now know that in the glove trade, a "button" isn't so much a button, but rather a unit of measurement equivalent to an inch) length kid opera gloves, pretty much what you can jam your paw into is kosher.

"Ladies' gloves are generally sized in half sizes, 6 1/2 to 8 1/2, although I do carry some size 9. To measure, extend your hand, fingers together, and measure around the knuckles of your hand. This can be a bit tricky without help. The measurement in inches is your glove size."

glove_3glay1420blk.jpgWho knew? And mind you, I'm not opting for the aforementioned kidsleevery. These puppies are setting me back all of $24.95, and I'll just have to do my best to avoid proximity to any active candelabras lest my biceps ignite.

[UPDATE] In the comments, the endlessly, deliciously informed Miss Kathleen Kennedy Townsend noted: "Glovemakers trivia: as it happens, most ladies will find that their glove size matches their shoe size. How cool is *that*!"

Pretty gol-darned cool, I say!

Posted by Kat at August 6, 2006 09:13 PM