August 30, 2006

Les Fleurs du mal.

From the message boards at online bridal-fetish emporium The Knot:

"It depends on your budget (of course - doesn't it always??) but I've read that you should spend about 8% of the total amount on flowers. So, if you're having a $10K wedding, you should try to spend about $800."

Brides, hons, sweetiepies — the millisecond that *anyone* (and I don't care if it's your wedding planner, a pal, a random interweb bridey-bot, or yo own sweet mama on an iron lung) tells you that you SHOULD TRY to spend X% of your own personal lucre on anything you don't personally give a big porky damn about, you may feel free to stick your fingers in your ears, loudly sing the first showtune that pops into your head (I swear by Cabaret or Guys & Dolls), and/or run away from that person as fast as your little pedicured feetisies will carry you, because clearly that person does not love or care about you AT ALL.

Okay, maybe your Mom does, but she still needs to shut the heck up.

(Why yes I *did* in fact order 400 Black Bacarra roses and 50 black mini calla lilies wholesale online today, thanks for asking.)

Posted by Kat at August 30, 2006 11:05 PM