August 02, 2006

Pressing issues.

Today's sage advice from the utterly smashing Kristen of Foxglove Press:

As for wedding tips...keep the iPod set up somewhere where people can't
get at it to skip your favorite Willie Nelson song (or whatever).

Also, people go NUTS for anything you actually MAKE. Maybe your friends & family are more creative (and thus more difficult to impress) than mine, but my guests were completely knocked out that I made dumb little placecards and put homemade baked good in their hotel rooms. The latter idea I stole from my fancy L.A. friend's wedding -- only she put bottles of really good wine in everyone's hotel room. Way classy. Way expensive. I settled for little apple breads wrapped in quilting squares I bought at K-mart.

I think you're already on to the important thing: break all the rules. Its gonna be your marriage, it might as well be your wedding, not Tori Spelling's.

Oh yeah, also, make people stick around a while. Tony & Vanessa catered a brunch for us the day after and it was one of my favorite parts of the wedding. We were in such a fog for so much of the actual wedding that it was really nice to see people the next day when we started to see straight again.

Oh! And did you know that you can order flowers wholesale on line? I can't remember the site I used but it was great -- they came in big FedEx boxes the day before. Saved us a shitload.

Posted by Kat at August 2, 2006 08:19 PM