August 09, 2006

Rope-a-dope action.

From the "Conscious Weddings" website:

Ropes Course

For those brides who balk at the idea of an emotionally vulnerable shower that involves intimate sharing, a Ropes Course is a powerful and meaningful way to ritualize the transition into marriage while bonding with one's friends.

A Ropes Course is an adventuresome way to challenge one's fear through participating in a series of activities that involve heights. Each Ropes Course is different, but they all consist of a number of separate challenges varying in height and difficulty. High Ropes Courses range from balance beams to cable crossings to complex climbing structures. As you climb the high challenges, you are attached to a safety rope and belayed similarly to rock climbing. If at any time you fall or decide to come down, the belayer will safely lower you back to the ground.


Be sure to remind your friends to dress for adventure - i.e. tennis shoes, shorts, t-shirt. And if you will be following the event with dinner, have them bring a change of clothes.

Ahem. Anyone who would think that this would be an awfully dandy way to fete the twilight of my singlehood is someone who 1. secretly hates me very much or 2. has never actually met me. Really - do women actually inflict this Tony Robbins-esque newt shit upon people they consider friends, when they really oughta be chugging down Gosling's Dark Rum and seeing how much aged gouda and pound cake they can physically jam down down their esophagus in a single sitting? Somehow I'm thinking this is why I avoid the Upper East Side like an ebola zone.

And for the record - my interpretation of "dress for adventure" would much more likely involve elbow-length PVC gloves, a lunchroom-sized can of rice pudding, and a creative alias, but that's just me.

Posted by Kat at August 9, 2006 04:34 PM