August 14, 2006

TV, or not TV?

Douglas finds WE's "Bridezillas" unwatchable. For me, it's oddly calming - like observing a foreign people who share a language, currency, and governmental system with me, but whose marriage rituals and celebrations baffle and bemuse. Though of COURSE I understand wanting to make a gorgeous, meaningful day for a gaggle of friends and loved ones, why in the name of all that is shiny does that involve, say, a duck confit fountain, a 27-piece lute band and a six-figure budget? But hey - if Mumsie and Pop are willing to foot the bill to give their pretty princess her most specialest day ever, you best just smile and act reeeaaaal nice, Miss Brideypants.

A Television Without Pity forum comment I made 'bout a particularly Hades-borne Mom/Daughter nuptial tag-team:

But as I always think when I see these messes who are gored on the parental money clip - if forgoing the $10K dance troupe and expensive ice-lemur frieze buys you a little more freedom from mummy's kvetching, then ditch that crap now, or forever shut your cakehole.

Seriously - if it's gonna be THAT much parental stress, scrap the Norwegian wedding cloggers and individually molded black truffle paté swans and serve your friends BBQ, beer and cake in a really pretty park. Betcha they'll even have a better time, and you're minus a whoooole lotta headaches under that twenty-three foot veil.

(Yes we ARE, paying for the wedding ourselves. Why ever do you ask?)

Posted by Kat at August 14, 2006 04:37 PM
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