September 26, 2006

Fugue and far-between.

The DSM-IV defines Fugue State as:

Sudden, unexpected travel away from home or one's customary place of work, with inability to recall one's past,
Confusion about personal identity, or the assumption of a new identity,
Or, significant distress or impairment.

It all makes sense now: Bridal Fugue. I can't remember a time before flats of Black Bacarra roses, invasive personal-grooming timetables, nightmares of blind cliff-climbing in tulle and restrictive undergarments, and having to measure my various physical attributes report said findings on what seems like a semi-daily basis.

Whither the girl who rode the subway wet-haired, un-dermabraised and blissfully ignorant of apparently vital weddingalia such as At-Home Cards, individually imprinted personalized after-dinner mints and Bridal Thongs? Who was that china pattern-less maiden who daubed her dinner cereal-gobbed lips with paper towels savagely torn from a battered roll while she sprawled on the divan in front of endless Law & Order reruns and never thought to promptly post RSVP cards?

If you see her, give her a kiss on the head and a Diet Coke and tell her she's missed, won't you?

Posted by Kat at September 26, 2006 02:04 PM