September 14, 2006

Gall and response.

Mlle Maura Johnston shared with me a deeply amusing anecdote about something her betrothed overheard at some nuptials a while back. Seems her gent was in close enough proximity to the pre-show Bridal Bullpen to hear the eponymous lady coaching her attendants.

"Whose day is it?"

"It's your day, Jenny!"

Reportedly the happy couple was neither of those things some nine months later. I'm shocked, Shocked!, but also deeply inspired, and have been doing a good deal of dancing around our Whippet while singing, "Whose day is it? It's your day, Posy!" and imagining the withering glare my sole attendant, Miss Isabella Daou (age nearly 10) would fix upon me if I even attempted such antics.

Seriously - all I really wanna be is an excuse for people to eat cake, get drunk, and have gnarly hotel sex with people they may or may not have met before.

"Whose day is it?"

"It's Jim Beam's day, Kat!"

Posted by Kat at September 14, 2006 01:56 PM