September 14, 2006

No go with the flow.

Reason 4,569,395 why I love my ladies:

I mentioned offhand in an e-mail to the glorious Vanessa Daou, that I was feeling a tad crampy. She, being an actual nurse and all, did some quick calculations and replied.

"According to my estimation, you will get period on honeymoon which is unnecessary bother while traipsing around countyside castle viewing--easy to avoid this if you want let me know."

I'd had this same thought, but was too crazed to make any medical plans about it, so just decided to deal. Looks like I may not have to now, but moreover, I think this pretty much encapsulates just why I have such a firm belief in the importance of the solidarity of women. I adore my pal Sean, but he ain't gonna think of that shit.

[Update] Her rec is for Mirena. If you've any experience with it, drop me a note?

[Update to the update] I just filled out a "send me more info" thingy on the site and it tells me it's only for women who have had at least one child. Gaaaggghhh! Not only have I been thwarted in my multi-decade efforts to get my tubes tied - now I can't even get the non-permanent birth control I want!

Posted by Kat at September 14, 2006 04:57 PM