September 25, 2006

Something bleu.

The cognitive level at which I am functioning today:

My Wonderful, Magical Friend Tony (Who Along With His Glorious Wife Vanessa Will Be Making The Food For The Reception): Getting 1/2 a wheel (8 lbs) of excellent stilton, lest you prefer a whole wheel? No savings to speak of, just more cheese.

Me: My inclination is 1/2 wheel Stilton. People love the blue cheeses,
but also fear them.

Had I been operating more clearly, I perhaps would have requested a more lavish portion, as Stiltons tend toward the soft, and seeing as Tony's son, my friend Sebastian, managed to bang his chin on a granite countertop and SHOVE HIS FRONT TOOTH UP INTO HIS SKULL this weekend and thus will be opting for the mushier noshes for the next couple of weeks. I'd hate to think anyone would go peckish at our wedding.

Posted by Kat at September 25, 2006 04:08 PM