September 21, 2006

Wagging the dogs.

Today's thing out about which one only finds once one has tumbled down the bridal bunny hole: At-Home cards.

So as to forestall any "Well no, I'm actually *not* Mrs. Wagner, even though Mr. Wagner has been so gracious as to make an honest woman of me and rescue me from the sulphur and the brimstone and the having to spend Eternity making small talk with Caligula and John Wayne Gacy." chats, it has been suggested to me that we have some At-Home cards commissioned.

The standard wording is:

Ms. Kat Wagner Kinsman
Mr. Douglas Andrew Wagner
after the fifteenth of October
111 McSmorpleson Street
Brooklyn, New York 11215

And when I see it in print, I'll admit to a tad or four or crankiness. Yes, it is my decision to ditch my middle name (Ann) and sub in his last name, and I am also taking the opportunity to legally amputate the "herine" from my first name. The KWK is deliciously crisp and symmetrical and I love it. I'm just wondering why he's so reticent about wedging my consonant up on in his monogram somewhere. Actually, I'm not just wondering - I've come on out and asked ('cause luckily, that's how we operate). Sez he, he likes his name and has had it just so for 40 years, but does understand why I might like a palpable mark upon his personhood. Thus, I've taken (at least in my head) to calling him "Douklas", or noting a silent "K" at the end of Wagner(k).

And if nothing else, I at least insist upon hyphenating the dogs.

Posted by Kat at September 21, 2006 06:21 PM