October 25, 2006

Flu-ing and cooped.

Palpable difference between my being married and my not being married:

Always before when I was sick, I would hide from partners. Semi-instinctively as it's humbling to be barfy/snotty/etc. before anyone who you'd also like to at some point put their face in special places, and also because I've had partners who've made fun of me for saying I was sick and then when I left a message from the ER (as instructed by my insurance company) noting my advanced strep throat, FINALLY met up with me as I was leaving, bought me some egg-drop soup and high-tailed it outta there, and thus I haven't been exactly prone to looking toward that quadrant for respite.

Heck - even a year ago, when Douglas and I weren't even living together yet, I couldn't summon the wherewithal to call him when ill - even though he'd have flung all asunder to come and nurse me to health. That would have entailed a show of weakness and, Baal forbid, letting him into my deeply unsanitary apartment, and I wasn't ready yet.

And now, two and a half weeks married, flattened by some vile bug that's robbed me of any ability to regulate my body temperature or, say, blink my eyes without wincing, I know he'll be home soon, and I want that. Yes, I know he's required to by, like, law or something, and I'm probably not smelling my utter rosiest what with all the sweating, but I don't care, and he's lovely and gracious enough to pretend that he doesn't, either.

My beloved sister has been asking me what married life is like. I think that covers a good bit of it right there.

Posted by Kat at October 25, 2006 07:23 PM