January 17, 2007


There's no lovely way to say this, so I'll let Mordred.

Gentle Readers,

Upon the upsetting revelation of the health status of my innards, I have penned a new entry to Heaves of Grass.

On Being a Large Wolfhound with an Unfortunate Medical Condition

I've learned a new term - an unfortunate one
For what's going on inside me
Lymphoma's the word. I assure you - no fun
And neither's the one with the "C"

The words give my Mommy a wet, salty face
And Daddy - his jaw clamps up tight
For them, I shall weather with oodles of grace
And soldier forth with all my might

Chemo's a word I've been hearing a lot
I'm not quite sure what that entails
If it makes them feel better, I'll give it a shot
For my Daddy, I'm tougher than nails

The rumors of tumors - I wish they weren't true
But now that we know that they are
I'll marshall my courage, to sticking place screw
I'm not ready to say au revoir


Mordred T. Dog

Needless to say, we're deeply sad, and just want to make him feel as comfortable, loved, and spoiled as we possibly can right now. Oncologist visit on Saturday.

Keep your paws crossed for him, wouldja?


Posted by Kat at 01:22 PM