February 12, 2007

Into the Woods.

January is a perfect month for a party
Sunday, February 04, 2007

STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. -- David Wood says there are just too many parties at Christmas time and not enough after -- when folks can savor each and every one. And is he ever right. With that thought in mind, the Stapleton resident decided to take charge.

Mid-January says he, is always a good time for a party, especially with a house guest from England. And so it went. Friends of David Michael Wood and his twin, Daniel Marshall, came from Connecticut, upper New York State, New Jersey and just about all parts of New York City for a fabulous black-tie dinner at Ivy Hill, David's so out of the ordinary Stapleton home, to meet and greet Oliver Bradbury of London. In fact so impressed was Oliver with the New York hospitality, word is he's moving to the Big Apple -- and possibly even the Island.

David explains they keep a very cool house so that all the charming Christmas greenery sprinkled about his 1870's Italian House is still quite fresh.

One guest even took the occasion to again wear her wedding dress, which featured a black satin corset bodice and a skirt made from 64 yards of red tulle, with black flames appliqued at the hemline. So it's no wonder that appropriate gasps were heard from all the partygoers
, including Christina and Bob Mantz of West Brighton, Victoria and Mark Drumbakis of Emerson Hill, Wesley Kropp of Stapleton, and Hueldine Webb and Lester Blair of West Brighton.

And for those who don't know David -- he is what's known as a "decorator's decorator." His English Country House is very formal but nonetheless comfortable -- a feat not easily achieved. Hope he lets us in on his secret!

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