March 27, 2007


My response to this:

The limits of love.

Golly, are people fond of the absolute statements. I'm thinking in particular of those posting that "it's just a dog" and the LW's friend should "get over it" within some socially mandated period of time. Also vehement are those who are taking people to task for seemingly having stronger emotions for their dogs than for some people.

I found out today that my dog's cancer has returned. The vet is talking in terms of weeks rather than months. During that time, my husband and I will love and spoil and cherish him, but what it boils down to is that we have to watch him decline, until it is time to put him down.

My husband and I do not have, or wish to have children, and we are not inclined to think of our two dogs as such. The fact remains, though that they ARE family to us. They are a constant, warm, affectionate, hilarious, ebullient presence in our lives every single day - so much a part of the rhythm and mood of our daily lives. Our ailing dog is an Irish Wolfhound, as big as many adult humans, and his presence is undeniably massive. So will be the hole that it leaves in our lives when it is time to let him go.

Several times in my life, relatives I've barely met have died. While I felt something, of course, I have a feeling that it will be considerably dwarfed by what I'll feel when our dog dies. Does that make me some sort of mentally ill monster? Am I somehow defective if perchance I don't snap right back within a month?

Loss is loss, and we love whom and what we love with wildly varying intensities. It strikes me that if someone doesn't understand that, they're they one with the emotional deficiency.

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